Body care
Dio hotela Residence čini i atraktivan wellness-centar. Ponudom svojih usluga te intimnošću interijera prilagođen je modernomu čovjeku koji želi pobjeći od svakodnevnoga stresa.

BEAUTY TREATMENTS - BODY LINE..........................................................................................


Each of the four detox treatments includes three different processes:
1. Body exfoliation with sea salt enriched with essential oils
2. Body wrapping with a detox mask body
3. Aromabath

1. Red earth - Grapefruit & Cedar & Lavender
"I am a being that is safe and secure."
Effect: soothing, toning, diuretic, stimulant for circulatory and lymphatic system
2. Orange water - Tangerine & Orange & Cinnamon
"I make with love."
Action: stimulates the work of the gall bladder and liver, circulatory and heart, antispasmodic, sedative
3. Yellow fire -Lemon & Rosemary & Bergamot
"I accept myself."
Action: immunostimulant, antispasmodic, stimulates circulation and has a good effect on the capillaries, psycho-stabilizing
4. Green air -Melissa & Vanilla & Bergamot
"My heart is open."
Effects: sedative, tonic, aphrodisiac, carminative

NJEGA TIJELA - BODY LINE................................................................................................................



It is a method in which radio waves generate heat. Radio frequency waves act on the skin by deep heating the tissue and the surface of the skin remains at a lower temperature. Heating the collagen fibers in the dermis (deeper layer of the skin) to a particular temperature (max.42 degrees) results in their contraction. Warmth metabolism and fibroblast cells that produce collagen and thus stimulate their production and tightens the skin immediately visible. Radiofrequency has short-term and long-term effect:
- Short-term or so called flash effect is stimulation of fibroblasts (collagen and elastin) and local metabolism by heating and the result of this heating is the lifting effect
- Long-term effect is achieved by working over a long period of micro-damaged collagen fibers, thus encouraging their regeneration and after some time in the formation of new collagen network. The technique is non-invasive and is used for facial and body treatments. Radiofrequency treatment should not be performed in pregnancy, in patients with epilepsy, cancer, inflammation and organ failure, viral, bacterial and fungal infections in febrile condition, in people with pacemakers and people who have a metal prosthesis. It is recommended to do the treatment once a week. For long-term results you need:
- Face 6-8 treatments (minimum of 4)
- Body 8-10 treatments (at least 6)


Ultrasonic liposuction is a method that reduces the buildup of fat and cellulite on the most important parts of the body: abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, arms. The tissue is first heated with a treatment infrared head, after which ultrasound is used which acts on the mass cells in the deeper layers. In addition to the effects of subcutaneous adipose tissue treatment it also improves skin tone. The treatment is to be completed with a lymphatic drainage. Manual lymph drainage is a technique we use to improve the balance between the fluids in the body. The technique is based on the experience of massage techniques developed by dr. Vodder in 1936 who found movements, sequences and a way of performing that with small modifications and benefits today. Manual lymphatic drainage has positive effect on the lymphatic system, autonomic nervous system, sensory pathways reflex pain and immune system. It removes excess water and protein from the tissue, removes metabolic waste and toxins, increases the production of lymphocytes, reduces stress and pain, leads to relaxation, increases the degree of resistance to defend against infection. It is performed in segments, never the whole body, with the same pace, pressure and compliance direction, in a specific order. The completion of the treatment can be done with a dermomassage (optimal pressure regulation provides a similar treatment effect as well as manual lymph drainage). Ultrasonic liposuction should not be performed before the age of 21 (incomplete bone growth), in pregnancy, in patients with epilepsy, diabetes, viral and bacterial infections, osteoporosis, tumors, inflammatory processes, in febrile condition, in people with pacemakers, with heart and blood pressure problems, in people who have metal prosthetics. The treatment should be done once a week. It is recommended to do at least 6 treatments.


Dermomassage is a technique that uses the help of vacuum and a specific selection of motion acts to enhance the circulation of blood and lymph flow, accelerate cell metabolism, reduce cellulite and reshaping the body. We also use it for the treatment of stretch marks and scars to be less visible and the very fabric softer and more elastic. Treatment should not be done in people prone to bleeding and bruising and people with fragile capillaries, in patients with tumors in the febrile state. Treatments are done 2 to 3 times a week. The recommendation is to do at least 10 treatments continuously.